More about the R.E.S.T. program

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We help women develop their personal Work Plans and Success Supports throughout an 18-month Path to Purpose Program that starts with a multi-day residential custom-designed launch retreat. Our post-launch program offers ongoing skill- and capacity-building assistance, multi-disciplinary advice from our team of expert coaches, and the support of local women/R.E.S.T. members in community-based work groups and one-on-one accountability partnerships.

Members of the R.E.S.T. Community will effectively:

  • Redesign their lives based on Christian principles and their understanding of God’s purposes for their lives;
  • More fully utilize their individual gifts and talents to actively pursue their purposes; and
  • Leverage the motivation and support of R.E.S.T. Community members and individual accountability partners to remove barriers to progress, and celebrate achievements.

Our Community graduates will emerge from this entry-level R.E.S.T. experience better able to take care of themselves and their external responsibilities as they boldly achieve their God-given purposes.  

What’s next?  The Mastery Level R.E.S.T. experience!

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